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That magic oasis of peace has disappeared!

Vol XXVIII   NO. 337      Monday      20 February 2006


Nothing warms the heart this winter more than meeting former Bahrain residents and reminiscing about the Bahrain they knew until they left - the land of peace, calm and tranquillity and where the hospitality and friendliness of Bahrainis smothers you to death.

It fills me with pride and joy to know that Bahrain has carved a niche for itself in the hearts of all those who have passed by the Land of Dilmun and experienced life as it was in that magical oasis of peace.

"But what is happening in Bahrain now?" asked a man, who left Bahrain in 1995.

"What do you mean?" I answered, trying to sound as naïve as I possibly could without laughing.

"All the attacks on foreigners," he ventured to explain.

"It isn't that bad, just isolated incidents," I replied, trying to steer the conversation to another topic.

"And all the stabbings and armed robberies," he pressed.

"What stabbings?" I interrupted.

"You know. Locals stabbing expats!" he said.

"No, I don't. And no society is immune to crime."

All of a sudden the friendly Bahrainis have become knife-wielding vandals going about stabbing and attacking expatriates, as a part-time job or a form of recreation, I presume.

As much as such generalisations annoy me, what annoys me more is the fact that workers are being attacked and the incidents are brushed aside as if nothing had happened.

The perpetrators aren't punished simply because those victimised do not have the protection necessary to make them equal in front of the law.

Over the previous two weeks, two attacks were reported in the GDN. One involved a Nepali employee attacked by a Bahraini at Al Muntazah Supermarket in Hoora, for no reason.

The other was about an Indian driver dragged out of his minibus and punched by a local, following an accident in Salmaniya.

Would those two have been attacked had they been locals? Would the man involved in the accident punched the driver had he been a Bahraini, wearing a thobe and driving a Mercedes?

They would have thought twice, just as they should have done if they had any respect for themselves and understood the gravity of their actions and how they are interpreted by people around the world.

Violence is an unacceptable form of dialogue and as such should not be tolerated, if we are to protect the reputation of our country.

Whatever happened to reasoning, in a civilised manner?

* Amira Al Hussaini currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Guess who built the Bahrain National Museum, who has devoted 50 years to Bahrain's archeology ???

A quick visit to the BNM will reveal that the answer is, of course, some of Bahrain's best friends historically, namely the people of Denmark!

For architectural information, see -

Recent visitor.

Posted by: Recent Visitor | 21/02/2006

We ALL know that Recent Visitor. Thanks for reinforcing it ;)

Posted by: Amira | 21/02/2006

I don't know what this "Recent Visitors" issue du jour is. I have seen his/her typed troll post on at least 4 other blogs.

That little voice inside my head is telling me this "im-poster" has a &*$% up agenda.

Posted by: CerebralWaste | 21/02/2006

hehe .. It is only right that they flex their muscles now that the whole arab-islamic world is crying DOWN WITH DENMARK!!

Posted by: Amira | 21/02/2006

I did actually post to two other blogs. Not 4 as CerebralWaste has stated. Maybe he/she read those blogs twice...

Posted by: Recent Visitor | 22/02/2006

So what is the meaning of your "cryptic" post then? Most rational and sane people understand the Danes have been good friends to Bahrain for a long time. Are you rational?

The real question is why regurgitate this issue on a post that really has nothing to do with the whole cartoon bullshit to begin with? Seroiusly what is your agenda?

(As long as SBG doesn't mind this thread getting even more off topic.)

Posted by: CerebralWaste | 22/02/2006

Back to the topic
- on the surface your topic seems stright forward.. but it is not.
- we are not equal in front of the law.. on paper may be.
- there are growing "community" of untouchables who can get away with almost anything including murder!
- the law offers least protection to the most abused and most in need for its protection, house maids and Napalis,Bangalis, Indians on low paying jobs.
- It is not difficult to list similarities between the conditions of those workers and slavary
- If the US laws of labor is applied in Bahrain we will all go to prison.
- a suadi student is facing court in USA with possible 120 yrs prison sentence for treating his housemaid in a way that is typical at least in every other house in Bahrain!
- We need to have radical changes in our system and stop this systemic abuse and anly if we see every body on our island as equal then this un-justified attacks will decrease.
- there is always more but I'll stop here before you say "GET YOUR OWN BLOG!"

Posted by: Haitham Salman | 22/02/2006

Haitham, Your comments are very insightful and interesting ;) You are the only one commenting here though and yes, as much as I welcome your comments and probably even encourage them, I would love very much to see you have your own blog.

This is one way to fight censorship and the archaic press laws in our democratic country and I back it whole-heartedly.

Please consider it!!

Posted by: Amira | 23/02/2006

thanks for the advice
actually I toke your advice
this is my first attempt have a look: http://abuhesham.blogspot.com/

Posted by: Haitham Salman | 23/02/2006


You "took" her advice by the way. The way you wrote this sounds like a Cheech and Chong post! Just a friendly FYI!

Posted by: CerebralWaste | 23/02/2006

Thanks cerebralwaste..
I stand corrected
Few more spelling mistakes and I will switch to arabic!
This is what happen when your parents can't afford private school. Yet Jabalat Habshi (Jidhafs) school was not that bad.


Posted by: haithamys | 24/02/2006


You should read some of the faux pas I have written and I was BORN into an English speaking enviroment so don't feel bad!

How in the heck did you wind up in Alaska?!

Posted by: CerebralWaste | 24/02/2006

Yes. Even I am intrigued. Haitham, please do tell. How come you are in Alaska of all places?
And don't you switch to Arabic. You could if you want but your English makes perfect sense and would improve with time. Practise makes perfect!

Posted by: Amira | 24/02/2006

this may shed some light..
and also this may help

I posted another blog.. I would appreciate a visit


Posted by: Haitham Salman | 25/02/2006

Sorry the links were for page 1 while the article is page 2
hope these links will take you there


My regards

Posted by: Haitham Salman | 25/02/2006

very intresting material!!

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