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Why do men in uniform think they are above the law?

Vol XXVIII   NO. 335      Saturday      18 February 2006

The sheer arrogance of some people baffles me. It really gets to me, especially when it comes from people wearing a uniform.

Wearing a uniform should be a declaration of loyalty to a code of ethics and conduct, be it the white coat worn by doctors, school uniforms enforced upon students, the khaki worn by policemen or the fatigues donned by soldiers.

Each represents the duties and the code of ethics and conduct the person wearing them has sworn to adhere to and which they should live up to, in or out of uniform.

For instance, a doctor is still committed to saving life, with or without his white coat and a policeman is still responsible for upholding the law, in or out of uniform.

This is exactly why I find myself outraged at a Yemeni soldier in Bahrain, who stabbed a Moroccan woman after a scuffle at a hotel, then arrogantly boasted that since he was working at the BDF, he was above the law.

He reportedly stabbed the Moroccan woman several times, after a dispute over money, in a Manama hotel.

"The man was saying how proud he was for being Yemeni and working for the BDF and continued to say how he is not scared for doing what he did because he knows that he will be set free for being a soldier," the hotel's security manager told the GDN.

I am in shock over his remarks and also hurt to see an immigrant worker, who has come to my country to earn a decent living, utter such nonsense and flaunt all the things we really believe in like justice and right and wrong, just because he is wearing a uniform.

Is he really above the law for being a soldier? Will he be set free as he arrogantly boasts?

I certainly hope not and I really do hope that the ministries of Defence and Interior take those allegations seriously, to bring back some respect to the police and army.

Bringing back respect to men in uniform is a national duty and can only come about by more openness and a serious effort to punish those who think they are above the law.

This is imperative, if we are to put our trust in men and women in uniform.

Otherwise, all is lost in a country which upholds the doctrines of democracy and human rights and wants to show its sons and daughters that the law is applied equally to everyone.

* Amira Al Hussaini currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Few points;
- this is just one example of many of "misconducts" and crimes committed by non-Bahrainis employed and given the red passports for political agenda with complete disregard to any integration process with the local culture. More problems to come.
- I don't see this a uniform issue, it is a misconcept and errogance that were reinforced in the minds of policemen and BDF members through years of praise for harsh and cruel treatment of "poor" people.
- the status of authority is still associted in our mind with power with out the attached accountability.
- back to unoforms; I used to wear one. In my case it was a white coat. I don't wear it anymore as I work with kids which should help decrease "white coat phobia".


Posted by: Haitham | 18/02/2006

It's not that they think they are "above the law", but they are told that they "are the law". Along with a passport and house, these men are given big guns and sticks and told to scare away the enemies of their paymasters, as I wrote about in my most recent blog post. It's hardly surprising then the kind of attitude they carry around.

Posted by: Chanad | 18/02/2006

I hear you both Haitham and Chanad.

Is there anyone else listening??

Posted by: Amira | 18/02/2006

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This is exactly why I find myself outraged at a Yemeni soldier in Bahrain, who stabbed a Moroccan woman after a scuffle at a hotel, then arrogantly boasted that since he was working at the BDF, he was above the law.

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