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Driven round the bend by motoring morons

Vol XXVIII   NO. 178      Wednesday      14 September 2005

It's back to school again. Tell-tale signs are all over the roads in terms of cars packed with bouncing children; parents driving with their offspring hanging out of the windows; responsible parents driving with them on the front seat and even more responsible parents zig-zagging through traffic at breakneck speeds - without their seatbelts.

And we all know how annoying it is to drive along congested streets every day.

With the road planners we have in this country, I am surprised anyone gets anywhere he wants on time.

To get from Isa Town to Manama, for instance, one has to set off a good 45 minutes in advance to reach one's destination in time.

But this isn't what annoys me the most in bottlenecks. What really rattles me is the fact that I can see other drivers up close and sometimes personal.

Have you noticed how many have given up wearing seat-belts? Do the morons know that those car "accessories" are there for their protection and aren't decorative ornaments.

I was unlucky enough to be stopped by a policeman at the roundabout. Since I was the first car, I had a bird's eye view of all those driving past me. Out of the 50 plus drivers who drove past, only SIX were wearing their seatbelts.

This made me cringe. This is 12 per cent of the drivers I studied in a little over three minutes. And the policeman waving at them to move, didn't even wink. I guess he has given up.

Why am I annoyed? I wear my seatbelt and ensure that everyone who rides with me is safely fastened up in his seat.

But there is a national responsibility and a role each one of us has to play to ensure that people are aware of the dangers such reckless behaviour causes.

The police should also be tough and impose strict laws to force those careless drivers to buckle up.

If they aren't concerned for their own safety and that of their passengers, then I am sure they wouldn't mind parting with their hard-earned cash for fines.

Fine them please and fill up the Traffic Directorate's coffers. The money could go towards a fund to purchase artificial limbs for those maimed in accidents and pay bonuses to traffic policemen to encourage them to fine more drivers who have made it a hobby to break the law.


what do we do with all them morons? Why is the system breeding more and more of the morons?

Posted by: Sans | 15/09/2005

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Posted by: Magdu | 08/07/2006

great comments.

Posted by: Blog | 25/01/2007

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