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MPs must learn true meaning of democracy!

Vol XXVIII NO. 17 Wednesday 6 April 2005


At first, they wanted a democracy. Then, they got a democracy. And now that they have a democracy, they are not sure whether they want to deal with it and the freedoms and "decadence" it could bring or not. The fundamental principle behind a democracy is freedom, a concept some of our MPs and many others in our beloved kingdom are obviously not familiar with.

They are claiming to be democratic, but are not yet ready to deal with society in a mature way and allow people to make their own choices.

Will limiting people's freedom ensure that the principles of democracy are upheld in Bahrain?

Will infringing on the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the United Nations Human Rights Charter instil the teachings of democracy?

These are all redundant questions. The real question is who is behind the motion to drag Bahrain back to the dark ages?

Freedom means that individuals are free to do whatever they want, provided their action doesn't break the law or trespasses on the freedom of others.

The key motion our honourable MPs should promote is enhancing freedom and not curtailing it.

But this seems to be an impossible feat for the majority of the 40 MPs selected by the people, for the people of Bahrain.

Most people are asking: What has the parliament achieved in more than two years?

What have our MPs done to instil and enhance the doctrines of democracy and freedom?

What difference has a parliament really made for Bahrain?

The answer is simple. Nothing much.

Some of the highlights of the parliament are as follows: causing mayhem over the Nancy Ajram concert; chasing out Big Brother from Amwaj Islands; causing an uproar over co-education at Bahrain University; trying to halt a project as grand as the Bahrain International Circuit, which just hosted a thrilling Grand Prix, and giving lots and lots of empty promises to the people of Bahrain. Remember the BD500 "bonus" promised last year? Well, I guess this is the last we will hear of it.

Our MPs should be busy drawing up laws which protect and enhance people's freedom within a framework which maintains law and order, instead of squabbling over limiting people's freedoms.

It is high time our parliamentarians woke up and had a long and frank discussion among themselves: Do they want to function within a democracy, or continue to shove dictatorial motions down people's throats?

If they can't understand the meaning of a true or even an experimental democracy, then they should spare us the ridicule of the developed world and step down.

People would not lose much. In fact, the money being spent on their maintenance, cars, salaries, proposed pension scheme and pompous lifestyles could be donated to charity and help improve the conditions of their downtrodden Bahraini brethren.


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