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There is no answer to telephone nuisance

Vol XXVIII NO. 7 Sunday 27 March 2005


The phone rings. You answer the phone. So far so good. You see, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Telephone conversations can sometimes be very annoying and I have managed to get unstuck on the phone many times in the past.

I can't stand beating around the bush; I am generally impatient and genuinely have a lot of work to do. I simply cannot waste my time with niceties on the phone; I can't discuss the weather and I can't give anonymous callers a minute-by-minute account of what I did with my husband last summer.

If you are unlucky enough to answer the phone at the Gulf Daily News on any given day, here is a transcript of a typical conversation:

Me: "Hello. Gulf Daily News."

Caller: "Hello? GDN?"

Me: "Yes. Can I help you?"

Caller: "GDN..Gulf Daily News...same same?"

Me: "Yes."


Your guess is as good as mine as to why this person had called the newspaper to begin with. This is a regular occurrence. We get such phone calls several times a day.

Not that I am important or anything, but I sometimes have this feeling that people wake up in the morning with an agenda - Let's make Amira's life miserable today.

Telephone conversations with people who don't know whether they are going or coming or what they exactly want are exasperating and sap all your energy, especially after a long day at work.

Here's a another conversation I just had with a caller who wanted to speak to reporter Robert Smith:

Me: "Hello. Gulf Daily News."

Caller: "This GDN?"

Me: "Yes..GDN, Gulf Daily News same same."

Caller: "Robert there?"

Me: "I am afraid he is has gone out on an appointment. Would you like to leave him a message?"

Caller: "Yes. But this is GDN?"

Me: "Yes. This is the Gulf Daily News."

Caller: "Robert there?"

Me: "No. Robert is not here. He will come back later."

Caller: "But this is GDN?"

Me: "Yes. This is GDN. Robert is not here. Can I help you?"

Caller: "But this is GDN and Robert not there?"

Me: "No. This is GDN. Robert is not here. It is very simple. Do you have a problem understanding me?"

Caller: "Why you so rude?"

Me: "Why do you keep repeating yourself so many times?"

Caller: "But this is GDN!"

It is a lost battle. Just because it is the GDN, we are supposed to know everything and put up with abuse everyday.

Phone etiquette? Another cliché which has lost its meaning in the real working world.

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The above's so true. Made me laugh into my coffee. Many congrats on the new site.

Posted by: Scorpio | 27/03/2005

Thanks Scorpio!

Posted by: Amira | 28/03/2005

I can imagine the horror on the caller's face when he realizes that in today's economy, we don't chain workers to their desks.

Oh, wait, that's why they staple cell phones and pagers to you...

Posted by: Desert Island Boy | 29/03/2005

Slavery still exists and people are very much glued to their chairs! Ministers continue to be ministers forever and advisers forever after while scumbags and work horses are stuck where they are.

And yes... my cell phones are stapled to me and pagers are so passe... We don't use them anymore ;)

Posted by: Amira | 31/03/2005

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