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Truth is a hard pill to swallow in Bahrain...

Vol XXVII NO. 180 Thursday 16 September 2004


I've been threatened, abused and cursed just for saying the truth - that not all Bahrainis want to work.

Yes, I am adamant that many Bahrainis are living in Never Never Land and are finding excuses to remain lazy and live off the hard work of other people - be it mummy and daddy or their older sisters and brothers or inheritance or very soon a social security system which may possibly give them as much as they would get should they "accept" to work for a minimum wage of BD150.

There are many people out there, who are in perfectly good health - regardless of what their mentalities are like - who simply do not want to work.

For them, it is too much to ask them to wake up early in the morning, dress up and drive to work for a job which would give them BD350 a month.

I have heard that over and over again from many Bahrainis, who think they are too precious, smart and god-sent to accept work for such meagre allowances.

They prefer to stay up the whole night counting the stars or doing whatever people with insomnia do and then sleep the whole day in air-conditioned rooms other people pay the electricity bill for.

Even many of those who do turn up at work, feel it is not their duty to do a full day's job. Whatever can wait for tomorrow, can wait forever. The day is also not all work and no play for them as there should be time for a sumptuous breakfast, constant cigarette and coffee breaks, hours surfing the Internet, continuous chatting on the office phone and mobile, running errands for everyone under the sun and then like devout Muslims who have toiled all day and done themselves and their God justice, they turn to Mecca at prayer time and thank Allah for his endless blessings - all in company time.

Maybe I wasn't writing in English in my previous column but nowhere did I say that ALL Bahrainis are like that. I said many. I did not say the majority. I said many. I did not say most. I said many. I hope this emphasises the point I am trying to drive home to people who cannot and will not ever be civilised enough to accept or even try to comprehend an opinion which is in anyway different from theirs.

When I wonder aloud about what this society is coming to, it is not to fill newspaper space. It is also not to hang our dirty underwear out for all to see. The aim is to highlight issues which are of concern to us Bahrainis - I happen to be a Bahraini too - and gauge opinions to collectively study a way of moving forward and changing perceptions and attitudes to make Bahrain what it always was - a beacon for change and development in this part of the world.

We have been the pioneers. We have had the first schools. But it is all in the past. To those still living in 1919, when the first boys school was opened in Muharraq, let's remove those blinkers and go to 2013.

Projections say there will be 100,000 unemployed people in Bahrain. See you then!

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