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Battle of the sexes

Vol XXVI NO. 354 Monday 8 March 2004


Rise and shine Princess, it's International Women's Day today!

It's an occasion more important than all the other silly days man has come up with over the decades put together.

It's the day we stand up high and mighty and bask in the glory of our achievements across the ages.

It's the day we brag about our successes and call for more equality and justice without fully realising the power in our hands and our hands alone.

It's time we got together to fight the one and only tyrant who is making this life a living hell - whether it is a husband or a father or a brother or a male boss or an MP, who has no idea what it is to be a woman and deal with the mood swings and discrimination we face every step of the way.

It should be the day we fully realise our power and use it for a change.

We run the world and this isn't an understatement. All those little men are rings we spin around our little fingers - mere players who strut and fret upon our stage following our whims and then are heard no more based on our commands.

Behind every great man, there is a woman and without us women, this world will never go round. There will be no man nor woman nor any use or purpose for this world. It doesn't take a scientist to figure this out. Everything will come to a standstill, because men - the movers and shakers of this world - will not budge an inch. They will not be able to make babies on their own to ensure the continuity of mankind. More important, there will be no audience for them to show off and flex those muscles.

We are the mothers, wives, sisters, girlfriends, colleagues and mistresses. We rule. It's just that we haven't figured out yet how to use all this power.

Respect is to be earned and not demanded. Over the ages, women have sacrificed a lot and the least we expect today is to be treated with respect and dignity.

To all those mothers out there, start at home with your little boys. Teach them to say thank you and express their emotions. Teach them to be courteous and respect women. Hopefully, a new breed of men could be trained to make this a better world for all of us - men and women.

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