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Bahrain crime scenes outdoing Hollywood thrillers

Vol XXVII NO. 23 Monday 12 April 2004

By Amira Al Hussaini

LIVING in Bahrain now seems like being forced to take part in a three-dimensional American movie.

I realise that not many Arabs (and most people who have lived here) want to be players in an American world, but reality has to be accepted and the truth has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

The fact remains that we are all enlisted to play a role in this huge production - whether we want to or not. Some may take the leading roles, while others would agree to work as cameramen, voice engineers, support cast, stunt men and directors behind the scenes.

There are a lot of vacancies and the roles you take depend on how far you want to get along in life.

After all, everyone has a different plot, a different script and a different role and no one has time to see what the others are doing or to put one and one together to draw a full picture of what is happening around.

In this no-expense-spared Hollywood hit, there are armed robberies in Muharraq and Riffa during the day and night, drug hauls of hashish worth millions - if not billions - in Budaiya, muggings, rapes, vandalism and abused housemaids.

There are also masked men robbing coldstores at knife-point, paedophiles sodomising school boys, jewellery shops broken into at night and women being harassed as they walk down busy streets in broad daylight.

The crime scene unfolding right now is too complex and full of intrigue and suspense - which could make the likes of NYPD Blue and Law and Order look shallow and lacking in substance.

We are all now living in a big reality television show, where anything and everything is possible - even things which are haram and totally alien to our Bahraini traditions and culture.

And when you think of it, our MPs went on a rampage and booted out Big Brother without bothering to get down from their ivory towers to investigate what is happening behind Bahrain's closed doors. We are living a full-scale movie, with all the Islamic and not-so-Islamic scenes and the censor is fast asleep.

Three armed robberies on banks in the span of a month? Impossibly huge hauls of drugs in two days? What is next? What is happening to my country? Until a few years ago, our front door at home used to remain open round the clock. Today, it is locked - day and night.

This movie is quickly turning into a horror film and the good cops must swing into action to ensure that such incidents remain isolated crimes perpetrated by sick minds. Those behind such grave violations should be immediately caught and put on public trial - and the punishment should be harsh and equal to the damage those criminals are bringing to the kingdom's reputation.

They should be named and shamed, to set examples for the ill-minded and to continue to ensure that Bahrain is the oasis of peace all decent Bahrainis aspire to live in.

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great comments.

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nice comments.

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great comments.

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