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Let's drive lunatics off our roads...

Vol XXVII NO. 358 Sunday 13 March 2005


The alarm goes off. You are fully awake and are ready for the beginning of a long week at work.

You get into your car. Something makes you pause: "Is it really worth it?" you ask yourself.

I am not speaking here about the futility of going to work and repeating the same chores everyday; I am not talking about the monotony of life where every day repeats the day before it and I am not even going anywhere near the stalemate we feel in some quarters as far as real development of any value is concerned.

Leaving your house in the morning, every morning, is inevitable - if you muster the energy to get out of bed, that is!

Do you know what it is that drives me crazy every time I am in my car going somewhere?

It is the way other people drive. Their selfishness and their arrogance gets under my skin. Their total lack of manners and respect for other road users, be it pedestrians, drivers, cyclists or even cats, makes my blood boil.

Look at the way they zigzag through traffic at full speed, totally oblivious to the lives of other road users; how those little silly boys in flashy cars flash their headlights at you, even on highways where you are driving at the maximum speed limit; how some creepy crawlies drive at a snail's pace even on open roads - blocking two or sometimes three lanes of the highway; and the way people talk on the phone, while meandering from one lane to the other, without using signals. Signals? What signals?

The fact that some drivers think they own the road and are not responsible for their actions is a slap in the face for humanity and decency. It doesn't matter what make of car you drive; what makes a difference is how you drive it.

What adds insult to injury is when some policemen abuse their powers and use different yardsticks to punish different people.

How many times have I seen policemen turning a blind eye to people breaking traffic rules, just because they and those supposedly responsible for upholding the law, think that they are a cut above the rest!

Traffic Week started yesterday under the theme "Your driving reflects your manners" - a perfect motto for a world full of lunatic drivers.

People with no manners should lock themselves up at home until they acquire some.

Driving in a reckless manner is a serious offence as people's lives - even poor ones and labourers - are not that cheap.

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Is this Bahrain or Southern California? It reminds me of the time I passed a distracted driver on I-5 North (Interstate 5 in San Diego, California) , she was blasting down the road while reading a book!

Posted by: James Leseke | 05/05/2005


I just would like to tell you that I like your smile and your blog :)

Fred from France

Posted by: Fred | 22/08/2005

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