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Families losing out big time in battle of the sexes!

Vol XXVII NO. 353 Tuesday 8 March 2005

By Amira Al Hussaini

Have you ever heard of the International Men's Day? It is so obvious. It smacks you in the face and smirks at you every day.

It is celebrated 364 days a year (365 days every Leap Year) to glorify those selfish creatures who think that the whole world rotates around their little finger.

All they have to do is lift it and everything comes to a standstill, in anticipation of their petty desires - whether it is a war, spreading famine and disease, ultra-smart ideas like annihilating mankind by nuclear, chemical or biological warfare... all the way down to playing dirty politics.

On the family front, they break up families, cheat on their wives and abuse their children.

On the personal front, they break hearts and spirits.

The world is after all their playground to do with as they please, with women created to serve and please them.

But the overall picture is not that bleak.

In appreciation of women, who have shouldered the burden of seeing them in good health and in sickness, they have spared us one day in their busy calendar of events - March 8 - to commemorate the International Women's Day.

The rest of the year is all theirs to exploit women and act the masters of the realm they think they are.

In a country as small as Bahrain, where women constitute about 42 per cent of the population, it is a shame to note that appointments, laws and practices are not in favour of women.

Only two Cabinet ministers are women: Health Minister Dr Nada Haffadh and more recently Social Affairs Minister Dr Fatima Al Balooshi.

Add to this Supreme Council for Women secretary-general Lulwa Al Awadhi, whose post carries a ministerial rank.

Great strides really in a country which is yet to have an apparatus in place to protect women from family members, society, the law, lawmakers and keepers and from the very Ministry of Justice, whose only purpose is to ensure justice is implemented - if only on paper in an increasingly unjust world.

Believe me, women don't want equality. Not yet, at least. All we want is our basic rights - whether we are single, married, divorced, widowed or all of the above.

It isn't a lot - all we want is to live in dignity and with self-respect at a time when statistics released by the Interior Ministry show that an average of two women report physical abuse and one verbal abuse to police stations every single day.

Ensuring this isn't any easy feat, not in a democracy which is yet to approve a family law.

Contrary to popular belief, a family law will not only protect women - who by instinct have been created to protect their homes - but the family as a whole, including men.

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great comments.

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