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Councillors wasting time with trivial concerns

Vol XXVII NO. 360 Tuesday 15 March 2005


The Municipal councils are continuing to amuse us with their trivial pursuits.

Many people, including my humble self, have no idea anymore what their real job is because they have distracted us with their hilarious concerns.

The fact that they are spending time discussing whether mannequins have to be covered up or not or where people should hang their washed underwear to dry sends shock waves down my spine.

After Muharraq, the Central Municipal Council has now succeeded in passing an order to cover up all the mannequins in their area.

A great achievement indeed in areas with roads full of potholes, overflowing sewage and dilapidated homes, swarming with insects and rodents!

From banning the display of nightwear and swimwear on mannequins in shop display windows, the Northern Municipal Council comes up with another ingenious idea: Let's stop people hanging their underwear to dry outside their homes.

I am sure other councils will follow suit and before long, people will have to resort to wearing disposable underwear or maybe no underwear at all rather than break the law and face penalties - perhaps jail or a fine - for not affording dryers or mansions to hang their underwear in places far away from prying eyes.

I wish I had time on my hands to review to the 50 elected councillors' election programmes and see what they have achieved over almost three years.

Have they lived up to people's expectations?

Wasn't there a municipal councillor in Muharraq who promised his constituency to close down Bahrain International Airport because of the noise and inconvenience it brought to people in his area?

What about the Isa Town municipal councillor who promised to close down Al Manar for Parents Care - a daytime centre looking after the elderly - and turn it into a health centre?

The message coming from the leadership is loud and clear: The aim of reforms - political, economic and labour - is to improve the quality of life of all Bahrainis.

It is a shame to see what little is being achieved because the reforms are being hijacked by concerns which are not the need of the hour in my country.


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